Creative Design

Buy Photoshop and call yourself a graphic designer. If only it were this easy; design history, creative pattern, color theory, typography, design aesthetics, print and production, branding, and creative mapping are examples of skills that develop a great designer. All of these and more can be found in Brittany’s creative work.

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Infographic: Social Media User Engagement

Video Editing

Brittany Hughes has learned the basics of video editing and production. Her self-directed, narrated and edited short film: Why I Carry Is below.

Kim’s Story was created to share the story of a strong woman who’s life has been shaped by a traumatizing event. The video below was a group project; it was not taped by Brittany. However, she was the talent agent and editor to this project.



Currently acting as a marketing coordinator with Jellystone Park of the Alabama Gulf Coast, Brittany has utilized her marketing skills under a tight budget to organically grow a Facebook following to 3,000 followers in 2 years. Big plans are underway for 2017, including but not limited to marketing through video, social media and paid advertising. Using the SWOT analysis, Mrs. Hughes efficiently targeted the business’ weaknesses and threats in order to minimize crisis, prepare for unsolicited events, and transform obstacles into opportunities.

Brittany also designs tradeshow displays runs email marketing campaigns for Minuteman Press of Buckhead. She represents the print shop at networking events such as New-To-Atlanta and Circle of Firms.

Media Planning

When learning the ins and out of media planning, Brittany Hughes created a functional plan utilizing an allocated budget while targeting a primary and secondary audience in order to increase sales by 6 percent. This project was given an exceptional score, and is now an example among peers in current media-planning classes.

2015 Hershey’s Media Plan

Press Release

If executed correctly, press releases can efficiently market your message to an aware audience. Brittany has written press releases for Jellystone Park for events and news while utilizing her excellent written communication skills to enhance a message meant for press.

Press Release for Jellystone Park 01/01/2017